Ecoles de la Terre is working in India to promote the right to education of children in poverty

In Switzerland, Ecoles de la Terre is a non-profit association founded in 1998 based on Article 60 et seq of the Swiss Civil Code under the name Ecoles de la Terre.

In India, Ecoles de la Terre is a humanitarian organisation registered under the number S/5580472007 in the Federal Department of Home Affairs, in Delhi, under the name Ecoles de la Terre Welfare Society. The organisation has ISO 9001: 2015 certifiication.

Since its foundation, Ecoles de la Terre has contributed all sponsorship and donations it receives to provide education to children and young people, apprenticeships for young girls and boys, microcredit for mothers, and medical assistance and follow-up treatment benefiting those living in the poorest regions of India.

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Our founding charter

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20 years of Ecoles de Terre

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A list of our projects and where they are located


We guarantee that every penny you donate goes directly to the children we help. There are no salaries, allowances or overheads. All sponsorship and donations are used to finance our programmes, which are centred around education, health and microcredit for mothers.

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