How you can help

We guarantee that every penny you donate goes directly to the children we help. That is why there are no salaries, allowances or overheads for Ecoles de la Terre in Geneva. All donations and sponsorship are used to fund our programmes that are centred around education, health and microcredit for mothers in India. We operate a transparent accounting system.

How does an NGO like Ecoles de la Terre cover the costs incurred by its programmes?

In Switzerland, Ecoles de la Terre's funds come from sponsorship and one-off donations, contributions from foundations, and income from local business.

In India, funds come from income on interest from the microcredit programme, one-off government subsidies and local donations.

All of these funds need to cover the operating costs of the programmes, investment in new projects and the financing of additional microcredit programmes.

Only the operating costs are fixed and consequently straightforward to budget for. For the 2018-2019 financial year these amount to approximately 200,000 Swiss francs depending on exchange rates. 55% of these costs are financed by income generated in India.


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