"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela.

"We make education our top priority. For the poorest, the path to a decent life and freedom begins with school." - Ecoles de la Terre


The essentials of health

"Healthy children have the best chance to develop and learn" - UNICEF.

"Healthcare access for pupils and their families is self-evident. And given that 90% of diseases are caused by poor water quality, water treatment has proven to be absolutely essential" - Ecoles de la Terre.



"No-one has ever suggested that grinding poverty can lead to anything other than moral degradation" - Ghandi.

"Mothers crushed by exclusion and poverty have bravely and valiantly created mini-enterprises for the good of their children, thanks to micro-credit" - Ecoles de la Terre.

Standards of living


"The opposite of poverty is not wealth but sharing partage" - Abbé Pierre.

"Given that 13 out of 100 people in the world live on less than a dollar a day and with our planet on the brink of collapse, we have nothing to offer but our ability to share to recover the dignity inherent in social justice sociale" - Ecoles de la Terre.


Schools and learning

Health and hygiene

Micro-credit for mothers

Photo - Bihar - Ecoles de la Terre

The benefits of knowledge and championing education

Education alone can really make a difference in shaping our abilities and our resourcefulness. Ecoles de la Terre believes in making schools and learning its main priority...

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Photo - les Sundarbans - Ecoles de la Terre

The merits of proper hygiene and clean water consumption

High levels of poverty and illiteracy force families to consume contaminated drinking water and prevents them from getting the treatment they need. Ecole de la Terre strives to eliminate this vicious circle…

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Photo - les Sundarbans - Ecoles de la Terre

The need for families to enjoy a decent standard of living and the success of micro-credit programmes

Education cannot occupy a central place in society without viable economic development. Ecoles de la Terre helps villages become prosperous by facilitating the valiant entrepreneurial efforts of local mothers…

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